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Our blog site http://equineyellowpages.com covers a wide range of topics ranging from Sports with special emphasis on equestrian sport to business with focus on agriculture and forestry. We understand that the niches covered by us are somewhat unique and exclusive. Interest in farming or forestry is rather limited in scope. So is the equestrian sport with very few having knowledge of its intricacies apart from the fact that it requires great discipline and perfect coordination between humans and horses.

The goal and objective of our site is to increase awareness of the common person on the topics dealt with by us. A brief summary of what we cover will better illustrate the purpose of our site.

In our sports and equestrian section, we will trace the origins of the sport from the times it was simply horse riding events amongst royalty to the time it became an organised event and was made a part of the Summer Olympics. Few know that equestrian as a sport goes back to the Summer Games of 1900 in Paris and thereafter stopped, only to be resumed in 1912. It has been a part of the Olympics till then without a break. Our blogs also detail out the various events like dressage, eventing and jumping and what are their point calculating systems.

Our other topic Business from an agriculture or forestry angle is no less interesting. This is a much specialised genre with the general population not having much awareness of it. Our blogs are like a guide to those who are interested in starting off with an agriculture or forestry venture and want to make a success of it.

Apart from specific blogs our site also has large numbers of generic ones. These have news, information, updates and even trivia in the areas that we cover. Our team of bloggers are dedicated and passionate about these subjects and go to great lengths to research on various topics before posting the final write-up on our site. Hence all blogs published on http://www.sf-rrfm.org are reliable and high on credibility and authenticity.